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Putrajaya is one of the beautiful places to visit in Malaysia. In my previous trip to Kuala Lumpur my friend drove us to this place all the way from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Putrajaya is where the central government of Malaysia located. It is also a place to hold the national event.

Though, we had not able to got in to some offices for sure the external design of the buildings in the city would entail that Malaysia is one of the developing countries that its peoples have something to proud of.

Thanks to the kindness of Mr. Asree for his time and effort brought us here. In the future, I wish I could have the chance to get into some building offices in Putrajaya. 

It was in 1999 for the first time I visited Manila. The capital city of the Philippines.

I revisited Manila during the labor day 2014. I stayed in Pasig for a night then in Paranaque a night before I returned to Zamboanga.

The cleanest cities here are the Makati and Eastwood. Maybe there are other cleanest cities which I failed to visit.

My two days stay was spent much in the expensive coffee shops. It were the only best places to have chitchat with friends.

I owed the generosity and kindness of the two filmmakers for their time and effort. It were them who guided me.

Thanks to the authors of "kahawa armalite". I shall return.

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We do love to hike on our free time. Indeed, most people like it.

Here are the photos I shot this morning when we went in bathing in Tumalun falls, Zamboanga City, Philippines. The color of water in the river is quite bad today, somehow it didn’t break our wishes to go there.

I haven’t good idea to share with you about these photos. All I can say, if you are locals, visit this river someday.

My friend and neighbor Jay-R invited me to buy corn in a nearby farm this morning. It came to my mind to bring my semi wrecked camera to shoot the views. 

This place I consider my second home after Sandakan. Though I belong to Sulu but my hearts and families were all in Sabah. I grew up there and here, so I can live in any of these places whenever I want.

Anyway, the place where I live today is not that special, but what induced me to write this post is about this old gardener. According to him he is 70 years old and still doing this work to support his family. 

I said to him, when I took this photo, there are many young people nowadays don't like to work in a farm not like you even you are at this age you still have strength to do and look after this small farm. He just smiled and we went away bringing along 11 pieces of corns. Thanks lolo for this cheapest corns. With 20 piso we have 11 pieces of corns and the photos.

I did not notice there was cloud mimicking the form of the grass on the photo when I shot it. What a coincidence.

Jay-R and I went home and later this afternoon I will be boiling some of this corn. Just a little sharing. Enjoy your day.

The place of the bravest Tausug in the past. Once a center of the Sultanate.

Jolo (Hulu) is the capital of Sulu province in the Philippines political settings. It is one of the beautiful place which most peoples not yet discovered. 

Unfortunately, this place is being corrupted by the Kidnapping for Ransom group. No development yet the people mostly indigent. If only this place has its security surely there are many opportunities could benefit by the locals.

I believe Sulu would only be developed at par with other places in the world should it will be destined with good and responsible leader. There are many Tausug leaders nowadays but only few achievements they did that could win the hearts of all. 

The Tausug, should wake up to build their own progressive and peaceful nation!

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